Air Tight Seal

Saves you money by keeping your opened Oil & Latex Paints, Stains and Sealants fresh and reusable for any future projects

The Zoose Paint Can Lid, patented air tight seal keeps the content of the can from drying and leaking out

Quick, easy installation and removal. Makes it simple for those who struggle with trying to open gallon and quart sized lid's

See Through Lid

Transparent so you can see the color of your paint and the amount of paint in the can

Designed to be Reusable and Washable with soap and water for a fast clean up

Made of a high quality plastic

Less wear and tear on the hands and wrists

Fits All Gallon & Quart Sized Cans

Can be used with botth metal and plastic cans

Use lids with any gallon and quart sized Paint, Stain and Sealant cans

Can be used by Painters, Roofers and anyone in the construction field

No tools required